The Lepidopterist's Daydream (2011, rev. 2014) 11'


Performed by members of Contemporaneous at the University of New Orleans

Vicente Alexim - Clarinet
Josh Henderson - Violin
Fanny Wyrick-Flax - Flute

I. Accretion
II. Diapause
III. Senescence

Char Boy from The Melancholy Canticles (2010-2013) 1'30"


Text by Tim Burton

Dana Wilson, Tenor
Robin Williams, Piano


For Christmas, Char boy received his usual lumps of coal,
which made him very happy

For Christmas, Char Boy received a small present instead of
his usual lump of coal,
which confused him very much.

For Christmas Char Boy was mistaken for a dirty fireplace
and swept out into the street.

Junk Girl from The Melancholy Canticles (2010 - 2013) 1'


Text by Tim Burton

Dana Wilson, Tenor
Robin Williams, Piano


There once was a girl
who was made up of junk.
She looked really dirty,
and she smelled like a skunk.

She was always unhappy,
or in one of her slumps-perhaps 'cause she spent
so much time down in the dumps.

The only bright moment
was from a guy named Stan.
He was from the neighborhood
garbage man.

He loved her a lot
and made a marriage proposal,
but she already thrown herself
in the garbage disposal.

Melonhead from The Melancholy Canticles (2010 - 2013) 1'15"


Text by Tim Burton

Dana Wilson, Tenor
Robin Williams, Piano


There once was a morose melonhead,
who sat there all day
and wished he were dead

But you should be careful
about the things that you wish.
Because the last thing he heard
was a deafening squish.

Three Poems by Tristan Tzara (2013) 8'


Performed by the University of New Orleans Chorale

I. Vegetable Swallow

two smiles meet towards
the child-wheel of my zeal

the bloody baggage of creatures
made flesh in physical legends-lives

the nimble stags storms cloud over
rain falls under the scissors of
the dark hairdresser-furiously
swimming under the clashing arpeggios

in the machine's sap grass
grows around with sharp eyes
here the share of our caresses
dead and departed with the waves

gives itself up to the judgment of time
parted by the meridian of hairs
non strikes in our hands
the spices of human pleasures 

II. Cinema Calendar of the Abstract Heart - 09

the fibres give in to your starry warmth
a lamp is called green and sees
carefully stepping into a season of fever
the wind has swept the rivers' magic
and i've perforated the nerve
by the clear frozen lake
has snapped the sabre
but the dance round terrace tables
shuts in the shock of the marble shudder
new sober 

III. Great Lament of My Obscurity Three

where we live the flowers of the clocks catch fire and the plumes encircle the brightness in the distant sulphur morning the cows lick the salt lilies 

my son
my son
let us always shuffle through the colour of the world
which looks bluer than the subway and astronomy
we are too thin
we have no mouth
our legs are stiff and knock together
our faces are formeless like the stars
crystal points without strength burned basilica
mad : the zigzags crack
bite the rigging liquefy
the arc
towards the north through its double fruit
like raw flesh
hunger fire blood

The Aphasic Meme (2013) 10'


Daniel Andrews, Cello
Chelsea Coleman, Clarinet
David Phy, Trombone

Everybody Screams Inside (2005) 4'20"


Text by John S. Hall

Eric Blanchard, Tenor
Jonathan Gibson, Piano


So here it is: another day of days.
Time marches on, like a soldier into cattle.
The lawnmower flies past my window, and the children are nonplussed.
The pants are pressed and ready for action.
There's a Barbie doll at the bottom of the well, and the milkshake of despair shakes hands with Secret Agent 666.
The relentless humid sun beats down, baking the earth into piping-hot brick cake as blueberries burst like lip bombs.
My great great great grandmother grieves and cries at the sight of the bunnies hopping and bopping about the backyard, beating each other to death with peacock feathers.

And then, like the Second Coming of Krishna, a single snowflake falls to Earth, and everybody screams inside.