NYT Mini for Tuesday, December 15

Constructor: Joel Fagliano

Relative Difficulty: Medium

Theme: None

Word of the Day: YENTA

Yenta or Yente (Yiddish: יענטאַ‎) is a Yiddish designation for a woman who is a gossip or busybody.[1] The female name is derived from Yentl, in turn derived from a word in Old Italian which means kind or amiable. (Wikipedia)

Serviceable. I certainly like some of these words.

I've never heard of Oracle ARENA, but I guess that's no surprise since it sounds like a sporting venue and I'm already aware that sports are dumb [6A: Oracle ____ (home of the Golden State Warriors)]. I personally would have clued ARENA as "The 'Citizen Kane' of Star Trek". Such a great all-around episode; you get the iconic fight with the Gorn, some decent space battles, absurd Kirk somersaults and that perennial staple of the original series: the highly-advanced, god-like alien race that puts the crew of the Enterprise through some sort of morality test. The only thing it's missing is Kirk talking a computer to death.

I got tripped up on NAZI ["Schindler's List" Villain], thinking the clue was looking for a specific person. Difficult to fit HITLER into four spaces. I'm sure there were individual NAZIs in that movie that were fully-fledged characters, but I certainly don't remember their names.

Hmm. Schindler didn't get a NOBEL prize [5A: Prize won by Obama, Roosevelt and Carter]. That's too bad, because that would have made a nice transition. But this is the world we're stuck in.

Am I the only one that put in SPICY instead of ZESTY for [7A: Piquant]? No, I don't think so. Just look at the entry for 'piquant' over on thesaurus.com. 'Spicy' is the 6th synonym while 'zesty' doesn't show up until no. 8! How about that?? I rest my case.

Hey, you know what's a nice, ZESTY word? YENTA [3D: Gossipy type]. Always liked that word. In fact, Yiddish fucking rocks in general. Good for SLAYing BOREDom [4D: Kill, as a dragon] [1D: Disinterested]. Unlike this puzzle! Ha ha!

Nah, it's pretty good.

 I like how this meme totally botches the original quote

I like how this meme totally botches the original quote

Signed, Jonathan Gibson, groyser tzuleyger of CrossWorld