NYT Mini for Monday, January 3, 2016

Constructor: Joel Fagliano

Relative Difficulty: Medium


Theme: None

Word of the Day: ELBOW

Elbow are an English alternative rock[4] band consisting of Guy Garvey (vocals, guitar), Richard Jupp (drums, percussion), Craig Potter (keyboard, piano, backing vocals), Mark Potter (guitar, backing vocals) and Pete Turner (bass guitar, backing vocals). They have played together since 1990, adopting the Elbow band name in 1997. Their six studio albums are Asleep in the Back (2001), Cast of Thousands (2003), Leaders of the Free World (2005), The Seldom Seen Kid (2008), Build a Rocket Boys! (2011), and The Take Off and Landing of Everything (2014). Their studio albums, as well as their B-sides compilation Dead in the Boot (2012), all reached the top 15 of the British album chart.[5][6] Seven of their singles placed in the top 40 of the British singles chart.[7] Their most recent album, The Take Off and Landing of Everything, reached number one on the British charts, making it their first album to top the charts.[8] (Wikipedia)

This didn't leave much of an impression. I remember some boxes, aligned in a grid of some kind. Maybe I filled in those boxes; maybe I didn't. I ain't sayin'.

ALBUM is kind of a disappointment [7A: Collection of Facebook photos]. The answer is immediately obvious, yet you wish there was some more specific, zany Facebook-y word for it. The clue is inelegant, being that you could remove the word "Facebook" and it would still work. That's generally not a good sign.

Today I finally learned that WAN is not a synonym for 'wry', as my brain apparently thinks it is [9A: Pale and sickly-looking]. I think because they both often describe a smile in similar contexts.

Not much else here of note. YELP wants to be interesting, but it's bland [Alternative to Zagat's]EYE [1A: See here?] falls a bit short of amusing, I think. The exclamation point is not really appropriate, as the wordplay is not really full-on wordplay at all; it's just an alternate context for the same definition of the word. One thumb up for ERAS [1D: Cenozoic or Mesozoic, e.g.]. Those are two of my favorite eras.

Signed, Jonathan Gibson, wan smile of CrossWorld