NYT Mini for Sunday, February 7, 2016

Constructor: Joel Fagliano

Relative Difficulty: Easy

Theme: None

Word of the Day: BUTT

Butt may refer to:
Buttocks, often known as "Butt"
Butt (unit), an English brewery cask unit
Butt (archery), a target for practicing archery
Butt (name)
Bhat, a surname in India and Pakistan, also spelled as Butt
Butt (magazine)
Butt joint, a woodworking joinery technique
Butt splice connector, a type of crimp electrical connector
Headbutt or butt, a blow administered with the head
Buttstock or butt, the back part of a rifle or other firearm
The Butt, a 2008 novel by Will Self
Der Butt (German; The Flounder), a 1977 novel by Günter Grass
Boston butt or pork butt, a pork shoulder
Part of a cigarette
"Butt Butt", a song by Monrose from Temptation
"Water Butt" a Rainwater tank (Wikipedia)

Never even saw any of the down clues here. The OSCAR WILDE quote was a gimme here [6A/7A: Writer who said "I can resist everything except temptation"], and the only real hang up was HANOI, which took about six of the eleven seconds I spent on this puzzle [5A: Capital of Vietnam]. I knew the answer, but my brain did not want to think about it at that particular moment in time.

Never seen an episode of HOW I Met Your Mother, and I know the show has its detractors, but I can say with confidence that its entire 208 episode run does not contain anything as obnoxious as that answer [5D:  "____ Met Your Mother]. Talk about a forced partial, jeez! If I had noticed it during the solve (because, again, I never noticed this puzzle *had* any down clues because I am completely amazing), I might have cried UNCLE and resigned from crossword blogging forever [2D: Jeb Bush, to Jenna and Barbara]. Unfortunately, we are not living in that universe, so you are stuck reading this. Jenna I think I remember vaguely, but the Barbara Bush I know has Jeb as a SON, not an UNCLE, so that might have slowed me down too. It didn't, but it might have.

By the way, Hollywood, I would totally watch a show called How I Met Your Uncle.

TIRE [4D: Where the rubber meets the road?] is a clue/answer pair that has been used before, but it seems a bit off to me, semantically. In my mind, the TIRE doesn't serve as a meeting point between rubber and the road.The TIRE is *made* of rubber. Therefore it's where the *car* meets the road, amirite??

Most of the rest of this thing is pretty BASIC [1D: Fundamental]. Not much else could fit for BUTT, at least not in four letters [1A: Thing in an ashtray]. Standard crossword clue there. In three letters it's ASH, in four it's BUTT (In five, there is no answer known to man). That's your lesson on crosswordese for the day.

Ok, I'm beginning to TIRE of this. I'm going to go daydream about How I Met Your Uncle.

Signed, Jonathan Gibson, Oscar Wilde's less impressive younger brother of CrossWorld